Kawhi Leonard’s Monster Putback Dunk Pretty Much Sums Up the 2014 NBA Finals (Video)

hawhi leonard putback dunk

The San Antonio Spurs are absolutely throttling the defending champion Miami Heat. Whereas the Heat look like they are completely out of gas, the Spurs are swarming their opponents on every possession and getting contributions from just about everybody in their lineup. And surprisingly enough, nobody has contributed to San Antonio’s 3-1 NBA Finals lead more than Kawhi Leonard.

Don’t get me wrong, Leonard is a great player. But if you’d told me before the series that the Spurs would destroy the Heat by a combined 40 points in Games 3 and 4 in Miami, and that Kawhi Leonard would be the star of both games, I would have raised an eyebrow.

You can’t argue with your eyes, though. And last night my eyes saw Kawhi Leonard throw down this huge putback dunk, like a boss:

That’s why Kawhi Leonard—not Tony Parker, not LeBron James, not Tim Duncan, and certainly not Dwyane Wade—is the favorite to win the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award right now.

Talk about depth.


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