Golf Cart Driver at U.S. Open Drives Into Cop’s Leg, Gets Arrested (Photos)

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Who said golf wasn’t exciting? Oh, that’s right. Most people.

Well, dinky little things like using a towel to “improve your stance” or forgetting to carry the one on your scorecard may be common infractions, but it’s not every day you see someone handcuffed and taken away…


Actually, the arrestee, Tommy Lineberry, was driving a golf cart for NBC Sports at the U.S. Open in Pinehurst when a state trooper ordered him to stop. Lineberry didn’t stop, kept going, and hit the officer in the leg with the cart.

Here are the gruesome pictures of the crime scene.

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The exact charges aren’t clear, but it’s pretty clear that, at the very least, he’ll be assessed several strokes and possibly a few months in jail. Thank God someone got this monster off the streets.


According to the Fay Observer, via Deadspin, Lineberry was charged with the following:

“[A]ssault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, driving while impaired and resisting, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer.”

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