Hot Australian World Cup Soccer Mom Gets Plenty of Online Attention (Photos)

Hot Australian World Cup Mom

When a big long-form sporting event like the World Cup is going on, people tend to turn their attention to all sorts of peripheral phenomena, focusing not just on the games themselves, but on everything surrounding them as well. So it is with the young woman pictured above, who was watching the Australia vs. Chile match on Friday and happened to get a few seconds of airtime on ESPN.

The woman, dressed in Australia colors, was captured on cameras with her presumable offspring, and was thus dubbed the “Hot Australian Mom” of the 2014 FIFA World Cup by the people at BroBible. Now, we’re continuing the trend, and by Monday morning this woman might have a lucrative reality TV contract (with an option on the baby as well).

Not much is known about this beautiful Australian matriarch, but stay tuned to future Australia matches if you want to grab any more glimpses of her (assuming she has tickets to those games too).

Australian mom

Hat Tip – [BroBible]



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