LA Kings Fan Wipes Out While Walking on Ice With Heels During Stanley Cup Celebration (GIF + Video)

Kings Fan Falls On Ice

The fine citizens of Los Angeles are known for their high levels of skill in areas like highway navigation, vegan smoothie consumption, and Hollywood movie production, but there just isn’t a lot of ice there to have to walk across. So it’s really no wonder that one of the Los Angeles Kings‘ fans had a hard time getting across the ice in high heels after the team’s Stanley Cup victory.

Walking around on high heels seems difficult enough to me, but doing it on slippery ice seems like it would be nigh impossible. However, it is good for a laugh, and luckily for us the woman’s efforts were captured and immortalized for all time thanks to the presence of a local TV news crew.

You can watch the fruits of that news crew’s footage in both animated GIF form and good old fashioned video below.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the GIF:





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