Streaker At New Zealand-England Rugby Match Gets Completely Laid Out by Field Security (Video)

New Zealand Rugby Streaker

We’ve seen how violent and angry rugby players are to each other in the best of times, so just imagine the treatment you receive when you disrupt one of their games.

Actually, don’t imagine it. Just watch this clip of a naked dude storming the field during the New Zealand All-Blacks vs. England game on Saturday.

Here’s the video.  See if you can spot the moment at which his day takes a turn for the worse:

Did you spot it? If that was a hit in the NFL, that security guard would be fined $100k and suspended for two games. But because it’s rugby, the streaker will probably take him out for beers later on that day—provided his internal bleeding tapers off.

A nude New Zealand rugby team did play a match earlier that day, so it’s possible this guy was affiliated with that.  But let’s stay focused on the real issue: that hit and the super-aggressive tactics to remove him. It seems a little over-the-top, but it’s rugby, so…whatever.



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