Two Fans Make Vulgar Gestures at the World Cup During Japan vs. Ivory Coast (Video + GIF)

World Cup Fans

I’ll be honest. Since these guys weren’t the ones directly in frame, it took me a moment to figure out who at the World Cup was doing something newsworthy here. Was the lady with the child breastfeeding? That would be pretty crazy, but you can’t say “That’s vulgar” about breastfeeding because it’s a beautiful, natural thing, apparently.

Was it the Asian guy dancing?  It wasn’t very good dancing, but it wasn’t exactly offensive.

Take a look here and see if you can do a better job locating them than I initially did:

Then my scanning of the video took me to the gentlemen at the bottom of the frame. The ones who are aggressively flipping off the camera, smiling, then miming oral sex on a woman.

Here’s a closer look:


I think so.

Perhaps they’re Ivory Coast fans? It wouldn’t be my first bet, but everything’s weird when you get the entire world together for a sporting event.

All I hope is that some fans in Brazil see these two and understand that the bar has been raised for doing stupid shit on camera. Just showing off ” the shocker” all nonchalantly isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We require emotion.

We demand theatrics.

That is all for now.



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