Argentina Fan Sports “World Class Skullet” at 2014 World Cup (Photo)

Argentina Skullet

The name of the skullet hairstyle is a combination of “skull” and “mullet,” and describes a similar combination of bald head in the front along with the conventional party in the back.

Skullets are most commonly associated with wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, but it’s apparently made its way to Argentina as well—at least on the dome of one enthusiastic World Cup fan.

On Sunday evening, the skullet caught the attention of Twitter user CJ Fogler, who deemed it a “World Class Skullet” on Twitter:

Now that you’ve seen the photo, you’re probably hard-pressed to disagree. And now that Argentina has this guy backing them up, it’s also hard to imagine them not going all the way to the top this year.

If not, I guess he’ll just have to grow out his skullet a little more.

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