Dad Catches Troy Tulowitzki Homer With Baby in His Other Arm on Father’s Day (Video)

Father's Day Home Run Catch (Photo via Bleacher Report)

Apparently the stars were aligned for at least two dads at the Father’s Day game between the Colorado Rockies and the San Francisco Giants yesterday afternoon.

The first was Rockies’ star Troy Tulowitzki, who recently became a father, as he snagged his 18th homer of the season during an 8-7 victory over the San Francisco Giants. The second was the guy who caught it, an ultra-dad who was holding a baby in his other arm.

The level of coincidence here is so staggering that it would probably give a statistician heart palpitations. Tulowitzki becomes a father earlier this year, hits a home run to another (judging by the baby) recent father, all on Father’s Day. Delightful!

I’m not the only one who found it delightful, as the commentators calling the game were pretty pleased too. You can see (and hear) what I mean by taking a look at the video, courtesy of MLB, below.

Hope you had as good a Father’s Day weekend as these two:





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