Goal-Line Technology Debuts at World Cup, Hilariously Baffles BBC Commentator After France Goal (Videos)

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It would be great if FIFA would join the 21st century all the way by utilizing instant replay for a wide variety of crucial game situations (like, say, whether or not a penalty kick should be awarded).  However, they did institute goal-line technology for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is certainly better than nothing. And yesterday goal-line technology was used for the first time.

With France already up 1-0 over Honduras, striker Karim Benzema fired a left-footed shot that bounced off the right goal post, hit the Honduras keeper Noel Valladares, and bounced back toward the goal, maybe over the goal line. But maybe not.

That’s when they consulted the goal-line technology and discovered that the ball did cross the line.

Pretty clear, right? The ball didn’t go in when it struck the post, but it did go in after hitting the goalie.

Unfortunately, BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce was utterly baffled. The poor guy just could not understand what was happening.

Upon seeing that the first bounce off the post was ruled no goal, Pearce thought that was it:

“Well look at the boos and the Honduran players. And look at this again. We’ve seen so many spurious goal line technology replays. AND IT SIGNALS NO GOAL! No goal has gone up on the screen. The fans have heard it, the Honduran players have seen it.”

But then they showed that the second bounce went in, and he just couldn’t follow:

“OH GOODNESS ME. THEY’VE CHANGED THEIR MINDS NOW. Does goal line technology work or doesn’t it? Well which replay are we supposed to believe? This was supposed to be a flawless system.”

Poor bastard just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that they were looking and both bounces, and millions of people witnessed his idiocy.

Obviously, Twitter had a field day:

jonathan pearce goal line tech tweets

jonathan pearce goal line tech tweets 2

jonathan pearce goal line tech tweets 3

Seriously, how much money would you give to be in the room when somebody tries to explain to Pearce what Twitter is?

Hat Tip – [The Mirror]


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