Johnny Manziel Has Yet Another Sexy Lady Friend for You to Ogle (Gallery)

You can’t go around calling every hot woman photographed with Johnny Manziel his “girlfriend.” There are just way too many of them. However, it’s clear that, of these many women, some know Mr. Football more intimately than others, even if they’re not “girlfriends” strictly speaking. So let’s call them females of interest.

Anyway, I bring all this up because, over the weekend, Mr. Football was in Houston to party with Drake when he posted a photo of himself walking down the street with yet another female of interest.

We have no idea if they are dating, of course, but here’s what we do know: they were “together” on Saturday, her name is Colleen Crowley, she is a student at Rice University, and apparently she is the sister of Robyn Crowley, who is dating Chandler Parsons. 

Oh, and we also know Colleen is extremely hot. It’s good to be Johnny Football.

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