Man Jumps Onto Leicester Racecourse During Live Horse Race (Video)

Guy Jumps On Racetrack, Races Horses

Sporting events involving human beings are no strangers to doofuses jumping onto the field and running around, but horse racing doesn’t generally invite that kind of activity very often. That’s probably because you have to be really crazy and not just drunk to face down one giant speeding horse, let alone a whole bunch of them.

I guess that’s what this guy at Leicester Racecourse on Saturday was; a really crazy doofus, since he decided to make his way onto the track and race against the horses.

It happened during the Cream Gorse Handicap (no, that’s not a typo), which was Saturday’s second-to-last race at Leicester.  And the guy came horrifyingly close to being trampled by the horses racing down the track like something out of Ben-Hur. Luckily for him and everybody watching, no one was hurt.

Now that you know there are no gruesome injuries to report, you’ll either be more or less likely to watch video of the incident below, depending on your personality. I’d recommend giving it a watch—my favorite part is when the announcer refers to the guy as “an obstruction.” Probably not the first time the guy has been called that.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]




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