Portugal’s Pepe Shown a Red Card After Headbutting Germany’s Thomas Müller at World Cup (GIF)

Pepe Headbutt

The “Group of Death” seems to have taken another casualty, leading some fans to wonder if the name might be a little misleading.

As Germany dominates Portugal 3-0 at the half, Portugal will be forced to play the rest of the match a man down, as their hot-head in-residence defender Pepe got a red card for both antagonizing another player and headbutting him—that player being Germany’s Thomas Müller.

Here you can see the initial act, and Pepe’s response:

While it can be argued that Müller took an effort to sell the offense, Pepe is notorious when it comes to this type of thing.  So I don’t think anyone’s going to be too quick to take his side—except maybe Portugal fans.

This probably won’t change the outcome of the game (Germany was up 2-0 at the time of infraction), but when we factor in all that fun stuff like goal differential and Pepe’s absence from the next match against the USA, it’s a pretty big development for the “Group of Death.”

Instead of “Group of Death,” maybe we should start calling it “the Group the had Germany” instead.


Germany has gone on to win the game by a score of 4-0.




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