Raul Meireles Flips Double-Bird at Referee During Portugal’s 4-0 Loss to Germany (Photo)

Raul Meireles double bird

A 3-0 deficit at halftime, a red card to one of your best defenders, and an uninspired effort in the opening 45 minutes of your World Cup campaign will get any player agitated.

Pepe‘s agitation resulted in a foolish headbutt on Germany’s Thomas Müller.  As for Portugal midfielder Raul Meireles, he displayed his agitation in a manner that was far less devastating for his team, and much more hilarious for everyone watching, as he flipped the double-bird at the referee.

Luckily for him, the referee had his back turned, saving him from earning Portugal’s second red card of the match.  But that was all the luck Meireles and his teammates would get on this day, as they were torched by the Germans, 4-0.

Hat Tip to soccer junkie Ron Canada.