Support Your World Cup Team by Watching These Swimsuit Models in Painted Soccer Jerseys (Video)

World Cup Paint Bikinis

Last week, Sports Illustrated took to YouTube to get in on World Cup fever. Not with soccer coverage, or an expose on human rights abuses in Qatar, but with hot, hot models wearing nothing but painted bikinis in the guise of World Cup jerseys.

And I can say the result is an unequivocal success. It works. They did it.

I hope you’re not disappointed to learn that the video is from 2010. Some of the national jerseys may now vary from what they looked like four years ago. The models might look different now, too.

I’m having a difficult time figuring out which countries are represented because a) the jerseys aren’t perfect representations, and b) I’m really only staring at the breasts. I think it’s just Ghana and Iran, but, again, that’s a shot in the dark.

Take a look at the video here:

Don’t let anyone ever tell you soccer isn’t exciting.