Cristiano Ronaldo Did Not Particularly Enjoy Getting Humiliated by Germany (GIFs + Video)

ronaldo sad

Normally I relish the opportunity to mock Cristiano Ronaldo. The man is a genius soccer player but a giant tool of a human being, and it makes me feel better about myself when I make fun of him.

However, I actually felt kinda sorry for him yesterday. Portugal lost 4-0 to Germany at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the blowout was equal parts German excellence and Portuguese incompetence. And then, as if that weren’t enough, the referees were falling for all the German flops, but none of the Portuguese flops.

Now, I hate flopping. In fact, the only thing I love to make fun of more than Cristiano Ronaldo is flopping. But if the refs are going to award penalty kicks for flopping, the least they can do is be consistent. And yesterday they weren’t consistent.

Germany was awarded a penalty kick for this:

But Portugal got nothing for this:

Neither of them needed to be a penalty, but if you call the first one you’ve got to call the second one. And that, surely, was what Cristiano Ronaldo was thinking when he lost his shit:

He didn’t feel much better after the game ended, either, storming past reporters and refusing to answer any questions. And I don’t really blame him. If I went from winning the Champions League to getting shellacked at the World Cup, I’d have a hard time adjusting too.

That being said, let’s all laugh at this Cristiano Ronaldo sad face:

Aaaah. That feels better.


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