Jimmy Kimmel, Justin Williams, Alec Martinez, and Guillermo Make Giant Margarita in Stanley Cup (Video)

jimmy kimmel stanley cup margarita

You know how you can tell the Stanley Cup is the greatest trophy in all of sports? Because deep down, you sorta want to be the Stanley Cup.

Every guy that wins hockey’s Holy Grail gets it for one day, and on that day they do whatever they want with it. We know for a fact that it’s been to amusement parks, war zones, and strip clubs, and I guarantee it’s also been a part of some debaucherous sh*t we don’t know about. It’s basically the Dan Bilzerian of championship trophies.

So what’s the Cup been up to since the Kings won it last Friday? Well, yesterday afternoon it was the star of a parade and a pep rally at the Staples Center. But the real highlight of the Cup’s day would have to be its appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live with championship goal-scorer Alec Martinez and Conn Smythe-winner Jason Williams, where it was transformed into the world’s most bad-ass margarita glass.

Take a look:

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is nice, and but it can’t get you drunk.

Advantage: Stanley Cup.

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