Joggers Stalked by Black Bear for 20 Minutes, Live to Post Video on YouTube (Video)

bear chases joggers in alberta

Don’t you just hate it when you’re out for a jog and you end up getting stalked by a bear?

On June 5, Greg Armour and Bruce Allen were out for a jog along the Matcheetawin Discovery Trails in Alberta when they encountered a black bear that was really keen on tagging along…and possibly ripping their heads off and playing with them like balls of yarn.

Apparently the bear followed them for about 20 minutes, though they only thought to bust out the camera and record the terrifying experience about 15 minutes in. The five minutes of footage they did catch, though, is pretty crazy. The bear gets very close on a few occasions, and you hear the guys struggle to stay calm (0:57) and come up with a game plan, which at various points entailed standing close together to look bigger (1:17) and picking up rocks so they can hit the bear on the head and “knock him out” (3:05) if needed.

Take a look:

Remind me never to go jogging in the woods in Alberta.

In fact, just to be on the safe side, remind me to just never go jogging.

Hat Tip – [Global News]


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