Apparently Johnny Manziel Doesn’t Get Very Good Reception on His MoneyPhone (Video)

johnny manziel money phone

Just in case there was anyone who didn’t realize it, Johnny Manziel is no longer just a famous hotshot quarterback. After getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns, he is now a rich and famous hotshot quarterback. And he’s got the pretend 80s cellular telephone made out of a stack of cash to prove it.

You see, Manziel was in Houston over the weekend, partying with Drake and standard-issue Johnny Football hot blond chick Colleen Crowley. And, in the course of said partying, he decided to put on a little performance for his friends in which he pretended a giant stack of cash was a cell phone. Because that’s what you do when you’re rich and you want people to party with you—you carry around a giant stack of cash.

Take a look:

There are some people out there who are worried that Mr. Football drinks too much. But after watching this, personally, I hope he’s drunk. Because if that’s how he acts when he’s sober, well, that’s just sad.


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