Mayor of Los Angeles Drops F-Bomb at Kings Victory Party, Is Coolest Non-Crack-Smoking Mayor Ever (Video)

los angeles mayor eric garcetti

In recent years, f-bombs have flown pretty freely at championship celebrations. At first it was amusing because you just knew there were uptight weirdos out there who immediately fired up their type writers and cranked out angry letters to the FCC. And pissing off people like that is the best. But eventually even that lost it’s appeal. The championship f-bomb has become to commonplace, the novelty has worn off…or so I thought.

Championship f-bombs have become boring when athletes drop them, but it turns out they are still pretty great when dropped by important elected officials.

Enter Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. At the Los Angeles Kings’s big Stanley Cup party at the Staples Center yesterday, Garcetti explained how there are two rules in politics: never get photographed with a drink in your hand, and never swear. Then he held up his drink and dropped a premeditated f-bomb, much to the delight of everyone.

Take a look:

Obviously, this calculated f-bomb endeared the mayor to the home crowd. But getting people to love you for saying the f-word and drinking a Bud Light is easy. Getting people to love you for smoking crack and talking about performing oral sex on your wife? That’s a challenge


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