Neymar Sports New Frosted Tips Hairdo During World Cup Match vs. Mexico (Pics)

Neymar frosted tips 2

Neymar hasn’t been able to show off his soccer skills a whole lot during the first 60 minutes of Brazil’s second group stage match vs. Mexico at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  That would have something to do with the stingy Mexican defense, which has effectively silenced the Brazilian striker up to this point (midway through the second half).

But even Mexico’s stellar defense hasn’t been able to stop Neymar from showing off something else during this match.  And that something would be his new hairdo, which features some pretty sweet frosted tips.

We’ll assume the new blond hairdo for Neymar has something to do with national pride (which we know he has a lot of), as Brazil’s main color just so happens to be yellow—for those who have been living under a rock.  But while the frosted tips may seem like a nice touch at the moment, Neymar may want to consider going back to his old hair style if he fails to find the back of the goal during the next 30 minutes against Mexico.

neymar frosted tips



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