Neymar Cries During Brazil’s National Anthem Prior to World Cup Match vs. Mexico (Videos)


I can’t really pretend to understand how important soccer is to some countries. Consequently, to participate in the World Cup as its best player (aurguably) for the best team (less arguably) that is HOSTING THE EVENT must conjure up a lot of emotions.

Global soccer star Neymar pulled the curtain back on those emotions as he broke down and cried during Brazil’s national anthem prior to kick off against Mexico in their second group game today.

Here’s a look at the Brazilian players emotionally singing their national anthem with the thousands of fans in the stands at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza, Brazil:

And here’s the video of Neymar, brimming with national pride, in front of his countrymen, on the biggest stage in the world:

And in case you want an idea of Neymar’s vantage point during this video, take a look at this:

Brazil Crowd

High stakes.



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