This Oakland A’s Fan Was Absolutely Disgusted with Himself After Dropping an Easy Foul Ball (Video)

a's fan disgusted with himself after dropping foul ball

Everyone knows that a baseball off the bat of a Major Leaguer—whether foul or fair—is the ultimate sports souvenir. That’s why people sometimes go mental trying to get one. You don’t get many chances, so when the opportunity presents itself you have to seize it.

Unfortunately for the guy you are about to meet, he did not seize the opportunity. While some dudes are able to catch baseballs in one hand while holding small children in the other, this guy was completely unencumbered when the ball came right to him, but he still totally blew it. So afterward he just could not hide his disgust with himself. And it was hilarious.

Here’s the video showing his reaction. The banter by the A’s announcers is mildly witty, but if you don’t have time for that you can go ahead and skip to the 1:09 mark.

I feel this guy’s pain. I once had my hand on a foul ball underneath my seat, only to have it yanked away by some a-hole who acted like he just hit a walk off home run.

Then again, at least I can say I was robbed. This kid only has himself to blame.


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