Chilean Fans Bust Into Brazil’s World Cup Media Center, Wreak Havoc Trying To Watch Game (Video + Photos)

Chile Rioters

Just before the kickoff of the Chile-Spain match, which is currently underway, came a report that 100-150 Chile supporters had stormed into the official World Cup media center near Maracana Stadium.

While it’s unclear if there was a purpose to the sudden outbreak, some outlets are reporting that the fans were trying to get into the stadium, while others are reporting that the fans were just trying to get into the media center to watch the game on their TVs.

Here’s a clip of the stampede of Chile supporters barging into the World Cup Media Center:

Although there was a lot of destruction (but seemingly no injuries), it’s sort of funny to imagine an angry mob of 150 people storming their way into a building, breaking glass, and tossing potted plants, only to post up in front of a TV for 110 minutes once inside. But I’m guessing soccer hooligans don’t usually think that far ahead.

Here are some Tweets that show the scene moments after the outburst occurred.



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