Some People Are Really Trying to Make ‘Johnny Futbol’ Happen For USMNT’s John Brooks (Tweet)

Johnny Futbol

Soccer isn’t the typical purview of the United States sports media, but that won’t stop them from taking the global phenomenon, then shoehorning some hokey American sports tropes into it.


John Brooks has become quite a popular guy since scoring the game-winning goal during the United States’ victory over Ghana in their first game of World Cup group play. So naturally, we need to give him a familiar jokey nickname that makes for a funny headline with no real substance behind it whatsoever.

Like this one:


Just call him John Brooks! Why associate him at all, even in jest, with this guy?:

Manziel Money Phone

It’s pretty clever, but I’ve got the feeling that about 10 million Americans all thought of it at once. If you want to give him a familiar nickname, just use something from Game of Thrones. “Mother of Dragons” is a solid one. So is “The Unsullied.” “The Viper” was good until two weeks ago.

Anything but a Johnny Manziel reference!



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