Kings Fan Knocks Out “LAPD Drone” With T-Shirt Cannon (Video)

Not An LAPD Drone At Kings Party

How’s this for an exciting story: In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup victory, the Los Angeles Police Department sent a small robotic drown to the Staples Center airspace in order to monitor the rowdy crowd. Then, one freedom fighter armed only with a t-shirt cannon took out the drone and preserved the privacy of hockey fans everywhere.

Pretty cool, right? Which begins to explain why so many blogs and other media outlets ran with it, even though it was pretty obviously not what happened. It’s true that there was something hovering in the sky above the Staples Center celebration, and it’s true that someone nailed it with a well-aimed t-shirt, but the idea that it was a piece of LAPD hardware has been thoroughly debunked by someone at Forbes.

Oh well. Even though it was just a quadcopter with a GoPro camera, it’s still pretty cool that someone was able to knock it out of the sky with a t-shirt cannon, which you can see in the video below.



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