London Artist Transforms Herself into World Cup Trophy for Amazing ‘World Cup Selfie’ (Pics)


There’s really not much to like about the trophy for the FIFA World Cup. It’s pretty small, and it’s not a cup. Hell, it doesn’t even have a cool name. They actually just call it the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

That being said, it is one of, if not the, most sought-after trophy in sports. And to celebrate the pursuit of this trophy currently underway, a London artist named Emma Allen transformed herself into the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

In case you’re not wearing your glasses, in the photo above, that’s her on the left with the real thing on the right. And here is a closer look:

emma allen world cup trophy selfie

Allen used a swimming cap to give herself a bald head and paint to do all the rest. She posted the picture on imgur over the weekend, calling it “World Cup Selfie”, and at time of writing it’s up to 617,397 page views.

Want to see more from Emma Allen? Check out her website. As you’ll see, she’s taken face-painting to a whole new level.


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