Mexican Goalie Guillermo Ochoa Goes Viral After Stonewalling Brazil at World Cup (GIFs + Gallery)

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When is a scoreless draw in soccer not a total snooze fest? When the scoreless draw is the result of one goalie having the game of his life.

Such was the case yesterday in Fortaleza, Brazil, at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Brazil and Mexico played to a scoreless draw, but the game was anything but boring. Both teams applied offensive pressure, and both had good looks at the goal. And while the Mexicans have mostly their own inaccuracy to blame for not scoring, the Brazilians can blame Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa. The Mexican keeper made six saves on the day, and four of them were fantastic.

Take a look:





Obviously, with a performance like that, Ochoa became a national hero in Mexico. However, because the world is bonkers for the World Cup right now, he also became an instant internet meme.

Here’s a sampling of the internet’s handiwork:

If Ochoa keeps playing like that, Mexico is going to be a dangerous team. Stay tuned.


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