Mike Tyson Steals UFC President Dana White’s Seat on Plane During Prank War (Video)

Mike Tyson

I can’t imagine that a prank war between the juggernaut behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship and a mentally fragile former heavyweight champion would end well, but so far, this seems to be all smiles.

On a private plane flight, Mike Tyson stole UFC President Dana White‘s seat, making himself really comfortable. The list of men who can punch Dana White in the shoulder and force him to relinquish his seat is probably a pretty short one, and I’m guessing that Mike Tyson is near the top of it.

Judging from the screengrab above, it appears that Tyson isn’t just sitting in the seat, but performing some sort of immensely satisfying bodily function in the seat as well.

When you watch the video below, it’s clear that his usurping of the seat is a lot less sinister.

Even funnier than Tyson’s face is the face of the dude in the background. He’s all “That’s DANA’S seat. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE IT. If that was anyone other than Mike Tyson, I would get involved.”

And then there was this:

Mike Tyson 2, Dana White 0.


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