Boring Russia-South Korea Game Highlighted by Sad Goalie Fails (GIFs)

russian goalie fail 2014 fifa world cup

Yesterday afternoon, the world watched Mexico and Brazil play one of the most exciting scoreless draws in recent memory, highlighted by the stellar performance of Mexican goaltender Memo Ochoa. Then, after that, the world had to try to sit through Russia vs. South Korea.

Now, I’d like to say that the game wasn’t all bad, and that it had some good parts. But that would be a lie. The game was terrible, and the only reason it wasn’t a scoreless draw was because the goalies were anti-Ochoas.

Russian keeper Igor Akinfeev screwed up first, conceding this softie to Lee Keun-Ho:

Then, 15 minutes later, South Korea’s Jung Sung-Ryong got in on the act, apparently deciding to see if he could make a save while sitting on hit ass.

He could not:

Ouch. The scoreless draw between Nigeria and Iran was extremely boring, but at least it wasn’t sloppy. After that great Brazil-Mexico game, this one was a huge buzzkill.


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