Referee Gets Left Hanging By World Cup Dignitary Before Spain-Chile Match (Video)

Ref Left Hanging

It’s good that Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas was able to get a chuckle during this pre-game meet & greet (I’m sure there’s a more formal name for this event, and I’m sure I don’t know what it is.), because the laughs would stop for Spain soon after kickoff against Chile—they lost by a score of 2-0, ending their bid for back-to-back World Cup titles.

Well, at least he can look back and smile about this linesman getting snubbed by some dude in a blazer. The snub-ee takes it all in stride, doing that thing where you run your fingers through your hair after getting left hanging. He probably only did that because he didn’t have a phone to start fake-texting on.

Being a junior referee is one of those titles that takes something that already sucks (being a ref), then throwing a pejorative qualifier in there. It’s reminiscent of a bit Norm McDonald did on SNL when he stated that in a survey taken of the worst jobs, number one was “Assistant Crack Whore.”

I bet even assistant crack whores don’t get left hanging this badly.


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