Holy Sh!#, Bartolo Colon Hit a Double!

bartolo colon hits a double

The internet has really gotten a kick out of watching Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon hit this season. And of course, by “hit” I mean “swing his bat as hard as he can in the vicinity of home plate and shake like a bowl full of jelly.”

The guy played half a season with Montreal back in 2002, but other than that he’s spent his entire 17-year MLB career in the American League, where he was only asked to pick up a bat five or six times a year. Add to this Colon’s porky physique and lack of athleticism, and what you have is a guy who just looks absolutely lost at the plate. So ever since he joined the Mets, it’s been just hilarious watching him swing a bat.

However, we all knew he’d get a hit eventually. We knew that, one day, Colon would come across a pitcher who so thoroughly took him for granted that he’d throw one right down main street. And yesterday was that day.

With the Mets looking to avoid a sweep in St. Louis, Colon shut the Redbirds down from the mound for five innings, then stepped to the plate in the top of the sixth and smacked a double off Lance Lynn.

Amazingly, Colon did not require oxygen upon reaching second base…though he did need a wet towel for around his neck after Eric Young Jr. hit another double and drove him home. The dude probably hasn’t run that much in a decade.

Take a look:

That was the 41-year-old Colon’s first hit since 2005, his first run scored since 2002, and his first extra base hit ever.

I like to imagine he celebrated later that night by eating a tube of cookie dough.


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