Cameroon Players Were Punching Croatians and Headbutting Each Other During Blowout Loss vs. Croatia (Videos)

alex song cameroon red card vs croatia

Cameroon got eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup yesterday, and it had just as much to do with their inability to control their own emotions as it did with the play of Croatia.

Already a team known for their violent play and lack of discipline, the Cameroonians definitely lived up to their rep. Trailing 1-0 at the end of the first half, for some inexplicable reason, Alex Song decided to make a fist and punch Mario Mandzukic in the back.

To me it doesn’t look like Song really got Mandzukic. It looks like he kind of realized at the last second that you can’t just punch a guy in the back, so he sort of held up and only grazed him. But even if that’s true, he made a very violent punching motion and very much deserved the red card he got.

Before Song’s red card, hope was not lost for Cameroon. They were only trailing 1-0 and there was an entire half yet to play.

After Song’s red card, though, it was all down hill. Croatia capitalized on their man-advantage and scored three more goals.

Meanwhile, the Cameroonians just about came to blows with each other.

At this point, having lost twice, Cameroon has been eliminated. However, they still have to play one more game against Brazil. And if I were Brazil, I’d watch my back. That game could get ugly.


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