Popovich Being Popovich: Spurs Coach Counts His Championship Rings During Victory Parade (Video)

popovich counting his rings

On Sunday night, right after the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat to win their fifth championship in the last 16 years, head coach Greg Popovich sat on the bench and soaked it all in, visibly overcome by the enormity of his team’s achievement.

It was a rare look behind Pop’s veil of sarcasm.

Of course, by Wednesday afternoon, when the Spurs floated down San Antonio’s famous river walk to celebrate their victory with the rest of the city, Popovich was back to his usual, smartass (and awesome) self.

Here he is counting his championship rings, feigning surprise that he now has enough to fill one entire hand:

One of these days, Popovich will face the greatest challenge of his career: getting a sixth ring without Tim Duncan. However, I certainly wouldn’t doubt him. The guy always seems to know which strings to pull.


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