Jayson Werth Dances His Way Around Tag at Second Base (Video)

jayson werth fancy footwork avoids tag

When you think of Jayson Werth, you picture a big burly guy with a bushy beard who crushes extra base hits. You do not picture a guy with nimble feet who can tip-toe around a tag at second base. But that’s exactly what Werth did yesterday against the Houston Astros.

In the bottom of the third inning with one out and Ryan Zimmerman at the plate, Werth took off for second. However, when he realized the throw had beat him, he pulled up short on his slide, did a little hop and a jump, and snuck his right leg onto the bag just as shortstop Jose Altuve was applying a tag to his calf.

Is it possible Altuve still tagged Werth out in time? Sure. But the umpire called him safe and the Astros felt it was too close to use a manager challenge. So that’s good enough for me.

Take a look:

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