Jimmy Kimmel Offers $100 to Anyone Who Can Spell Dwyane Wade’s Name Correctly (Video)

Dwyane Wade Spelling Bee

In addition to falling from the upper echelon of NBA players during his weak playoff performance, Dwyane “No, it’s not ‘Dwayne'” Wade now must endure the good-natured barbs from talk show hosts about how the name “Dwyane Wade” is a linguistic mystery that few can solve.

To synopsize: Jimmy Kimmel realizes that Wade has a ridiculously-spelled first name that is a crime against English. To demonstrate this, he offered $100 to anyone who can spell Dwayne Wade’s name correctly…

Shit. I lost.

As hard as it is to type (even for sportswriters who type his name a LOT), it’s gotta be even more of a mind-bender to work it out in your head.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the video of the public trying their best:

Maybe next week he’ll have people on the street point out the part of Ireland that Shaquille O’Neal and Ed O’Bannon are from.


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