Here’s a New Angle of Robin van Persie’s Stunning Header vs. Spain at the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Video)

daley blind pass to robin van persie

Every World Cup features at least a few fantastic goals. However, they don’t all have all-time great goals that will be remembered forever.

The 2014 World Cup does, though, thanks to Holland’s Robin van Persie. Last Friday, he opened the Oranje’s five-goal assault on Spain with one of the most gorgeous goals you’ll ever see–a header on a long cross that arced gracefully over the head of Iker Casillas and into the back of the net. It was everything that’s right about soccer.

Of course, getting most of the attention was the deft touch of RVP and his awesome bellyflop landing, which is understandable. However, you can’t overlook the incredible pass from Daley Blind, who spotted his teammate making a run and sent a perfect cross that just seemed to float right down onto RVP’s head.

Luckily, a few days ago FIFA released new footage of the goal that shows what it looked like from Daley Blind’s point of view. This makes it easier to appreciate just how perfect his pass was.

Take a look:

That’s like Peyton Manning throwing a forty-yard touchdown pass into the outstretched hands of a receiver.

Fantastic, isn’t it?


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