Evgeni Malkin’s Summer Vacay Is Better than Yours…Unless You’re Also Going Swimming with a Whale Shark (Pic)

malkin fishing trip

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in the midst of a big shakeup this summer. After another disappointing playoff performance, GM Ray Shero and coach Dan Bylsma got canned, and there surely will be some tweaks made to the team’s roster.

Evgeni Malkin isn’t sweating it, though. The former NHL MVP knows the team won’t be moving him. And of course, even if they did, he’d still get paid millions and millions of dollars. So he’s not about to sit at home worrying. Instead, Geno is out enjoying a tropical vacation, catching some impressive fish and—oh yeah—swimming with whale sharks.

That’s right. Swimming with whale sharks.

malkin swimming with whale shark

Now, whale sharks are docile filter feeders, which means Evgeni was in no danger of being torn limb from limb. But still, it’s not just any day you can swim and get photographed with the largest fish in the world. Most of us will be lucky if we get to go jump in a lake this summer, but this guy is swimming with exotic animals.

Obviously, it’s good to be Geno.

Hat Tip – [The Score]


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