Mario Balotelli Wants a Smooch from the Queen if Italy Saves England’s World Cup Hopes (Pic)

mario balotelli

If you know anything about Italian striker Mario Balotelli, then you know he pretty much always has something to say, whether or not anybody asked him for his opinion. And having played soccer in England, where he became an expert in getting the media all worked up, it should come as no surprise that Super Mario weighed in on the English national soccer team’s current World Cup predicament.

You see, after losing 2-1 to Luis Suarez (okay fine, Uruguay) yesterday, England is on the verge of elimination. Italy, Costa Rica, and Uruguay all have at least one win, while the Three Lions have two losses. To stay alive, Italy has to beat Costa Rica and Uruguay, and England has to beat Costa Rica by at least two goals. However, if Italy and Costa Rica should tie on Friday, it’s all over for England.

So England’s fate is not in their hands. Italy must come through for them. And, knowing that the English press is having a field day with yet another World Cup disappointment, Balotelli tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

mario balotelli tweet kiss from queen

Considering that Balotelli offered to let Real Madrid sleep with his girlfriend if they won the Champions League last year (and yes, they’re still together), this one is pretty tame. But it certainly got everyone’s attention. And with Balotelli, that’s always the point.


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