Tampa’s Matt Joyce Hits Pitching Machine Ball Right Back Into Pitching Machine (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 8.11.58 PM

The headline says it all, folks. The Tampa Bay Rays‘ Matt Joyce was taking BP at Tropicana Field, and he knocked one pitch up off the protective netting and back into the pitching machine, where it promptly was fired back at him.

Would it be funnier if it hit him in the crotch? Yes. Immeasurably so. But this is the hand we’ve been dealt, and we’re making the best of it.

So, what are the odds of this happening? A hundred and eleven quadrillion to one. I’d show my math, but you wouldn’t be able to read my writing. I even accounted for random birds flapping their wings in the St. Petersburg area that could affect both the trajectory of the pitch and the hit back.

At least a camera was there to catch the marvel. Here is a GIF of the witchcraft:

At least the graininess of the footage adds to the mystique. Like that clip of Sasquatch looking at the camera, only instead of Sasquatch, we have an amusing incident of happenstance.

But for those who still prefer something a little less granular, here’s some much clearer footage of the incident:

Sometimes baseball isn’t boring. This is sorta one of those times.


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