The Seahawks Got Their Super Bowl Rings Last Night (Pics)

seattle seahawks super bowl rings

If there was any animosity lingering in the Seattle Seahawks’ clubhouse after that little dust-up between the receiving corps and the Legion of Boom™ during their minicamp scrimmage on Wednesday, I’m sure it all swept away by the lavish championship ring ceremony the team threw for the players on Thursday night in downtown Seattle. Because honestly, are there any problems in the world that cannot be solved by a $30,000 piece of jewelry?

Of course, that $30,000 is just an estimate. The 2014 rings were made by Tiffany & Co, and while nobody has said what they’re actually worth, the ones Tiffany made for the Giants back in 2008 were worth $25,000. So I just rounded up to thirty.

The point is, the Seahawks got their Super Bowl rings last night. As you would expect, they feature tons of diamonds, the final score of Super Bowl XLVIII, team mottos,  and references to “The 12th Man,” which apparently is a concept Seattle invented. (Just kidding.)

All in all, the rings look pretty sharp. Take a look:

seattle seahawks super bowl ring 1

seattle seahawks super bowl ring 2

seattle seahawks super bowl ring 3

seattle seahawks super bowl ring 4

And the rings weren’t the only extravagant thing about last night’s ceremony. Did I mention that the team hired Usher as the entertainment? Because they did. They hired f*cking Usher.

Obviously, the Seahawks know how to party.

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