Here Is Tim Cahill’s Stunning Volley Against the Netherlands, Re-Enacted in Legos (Video)

tim cahill goal lego re-enactment

Australia has already been eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However, unlike defending champions and Group B foes Spain, the the Aussies won’t be going home with their tails between their legs. Though they were placed in an impossible group against international soccer powerhouses, the Socceroos performed admirably, forcing the Dutch to play their absolute best to beat them in what might have been the most entertaining game of the tournament so far. Moreover, in that game, their best player, Tim Cahill, scored on a scorching volley that bounced off the underside of the crossbar and into the net.

How impressive was that goal? Impressive enough that people are willing to debate whether it was as good as the Robin Van Persie goal. And impressive enough that L’Équipe, the French sports daily, created this awesome Lego re-enactment:

Does it suck to get eliminated? Sure it does. But at least the Socceroos have the satisfaction that one of their own scored one of the great goals in World Cup history.

Spanish soccer fans would probably take that right about now.


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