Here’s a Supercut of Vin Scully Calling Clayton Kershaw’s No Hitter (Video)

vin scully's call of clayton kershaw's no hitter

There is no one you would rather have behind the mic for an important ballgame than Vin Scully. The guy talks in baseball poetry. He always knows exactly what to say and, perhaps more importantly, he always knows when it’s better to say nothing.

Of course, Vin Scully has been calling Dodgers games for 64 years now. He is 86 years old, and he obviously cannot go on forever. So baseball fans were very lucky they got to hear him call at least one more historic baseball performance this past Wednesday, when Clayton Kershaw threw one of the greatest no-hitters of all time.

Not surprisingly, Scully sensed something special was afoot very early on, saying the Rockies hitters looked hypnotized. He even implored fans to alert their friends to the possibility of a no-hitter, producing a quote that will surely go down as one of the greatest of his legendary career.

But really, the entire game was as much a gem for Scully as it was Kershaw. And fortunately for us, the folks at MLB Advanced Media have put together a little supercut of both performances. Take a look:

It really doesn’t get any better than that. Scully is the best.


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