Algeria’s Islam Slimani Does Johnny Manziel “Money” Gesture Following Goal vs. South Korea at World Cup (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 4.13.29 PM

Considering that Algerians probably don’t rely so heavily on ESPN, or even understand what the game of American football is, it’s likely that they haven’t gotten sick of all the Johnny Manziel-related fanfare like we have.

So when Algeria scored a goal, then celebrated with the now-infamous gesture of rubbing your fingers together like you’re showing off some cash, it was possible that it would have been cute or endearing…

Nope. Obnoxious as shit.

Watch the Vine, and you’ll surely agree:

Oh my God. Shut up. Stop. Stop it and shut up.

What’s he doing? It sort of looks like he’s feeding fish with his fingers, but then his mouth looks like a fish mouth, so he looks like a fish feeding itself fish food. Odd and interesting, but probably not the look that Islam Slimani was going for when he did it.

The good news is that he looked silly enough that he might not do it again. Maybe he could just do a celebratory robot dance next time. That would be nice.


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