Ghana’s Sulley Muntari Makes it Rain for Poor Brazilians in the Streets at the World Cup (Video)

Sulley Muntari

While walking around and handing out money to poor people might not be the most modest means of philanthropy, it’s probably a more noble pursuit than throwing bills up in the air at a strip club.  So we’ll cautiously give credit to Ghana‘s Sulley Muntari for good intentions.

The soccer player went through an impoverished neighborhood in Maceio, Brazil, handing out cash and stepping up for photo ops with the Brazilian residents.

Here’s video of the fanfare:

Muntari apparently lobbied for the chance to go out and do this, having to request special permission from his coach, most likely for security reasons. I would imagine that most any non-Brazilian footballer, no matter how charitable, is probably a moving target while the nation hosts the World Cup.

Okay. It sounds like the guy really wanted to do this.  Considering he plays for AC Milan, I doubt he was desperately seeking the exposure. And it’s not like he released these photos through his publicist.

Score one for Mr. Muntari.

Hat Tip – [101GreatGoals]



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