Wise World Cup Cameraman Shoves Male Fan Aside for View of Sexy Female (GIF)

World Cup Cameraman Shoves Guy for Shot of Girl

Here’s a piece of World Cup camerawork that Brian De Palma would probably approve of.

During a World Cup broadcast on RTE Two, viewers were treated to a first-person POV shot courtesy of a cameraman roaming around in the crowd. And in order to get his requisite shot of a sexy female spectator, the guy actually shoves another fan out of his way.

The shot was like something out of a slasher movie, although luckily for the female fan the cameraman didn’t end up stabbing her. Instead we just see her laughing and pointing at her face paint (of both Swiss and French logos, an interesting touch), a nice scene that made the whole thing worth the trouble.

You can check out the RTE Two cameraman who made himself part of the story in the GIF below. And if there are any aspiring photographers reading this, remember that there’s no shame in shoving your way to the shot you want.

Hat Tip – [Balls.ie]



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