And Now We Get To See American Fans Respond To Portugal’s Equalizer in Extra Time (Videos)

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 2.41.59 PM

In the interest of fairness, if we’re going to show you the reactions of Americans during one of their greatest moments against Ghana, then we need to also show the yin to that yang, which would be the reactions to Portugal’s equalizing header in extra time on Sunday at the World Cup in Brazil.


The good news is that some cartel isn’t going to kill the responsible parties because, well, Americans don’t care about soccer THAT much.

But take a look at how much it hurts to get hopes up:

It’s not so much the anguished screams as it is the quiet resignation that haunts us:

Then there’s this guy. He doesn’t understand soccer PER SE, but he’s still pissed. That’s what you get for caring about something, buddy.

Something tells me that Thursday’s reactions will put these all to shame. One way or another.


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