Was Cristiano Ronaldo’s Zig-Zag a Tribute to a Sick Fan, or Just Another Stupid Hairdo? (Photos)

ronaldo zig zag haircut

When Cristiano Ronaldo took the field against the USA yesterday in Manaus, Brazil, he was sporting a new zig-zag hairdo that immediately made him the object of ridicule across the interwebs—because, yes, the hairdo was ridiculous, and because the internet just loves to hate Ronaldo.

Here’s just a small sampling from Twitter:

ronaldo hair twitter reaction 2

As you can see, many LOLz were had at Ronaldo’s expense. However, a little over an hour into the game, some news outlets started reporting that Ronaldo’s haircut may have been intended as a tribute to Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-year-old fan battling a rare brain disorder called cortical dysplasia. And all of a sudden, anyone who made fun of Ronaldo’s hair looked like a huge asshole.

Here’s the thing, though: this story is, at time of writing, completely, 100% unsubstantiated.

I’m not saying it isn’t true. We know for a fact that Cristiano Ronaldo, villain of the internet, paid $85,000 for little Eric Ortiz Cruz’s brain surgery, and we know Ronaldo has made several other large charitable donations in the past—which doesn’t really fit with the “Ronaldo is an arrogant prick” narrative. So the idea that the zig-zag pattern shaved into the side of Ronaldo’s head is supposed to look like little Erik’s surgery scars is very plausible.

However, the story originates from this tweet:

ronaldo haircut rumor tweet

There is no evidence that Leönard, here, is a reporter, or that he has any personal connection to Ronaldo or Erik Ortiz Cruz. Moreover, the surgery Leönard says took place last week actually took place several months ago. That For the Win post is from March.

So if this story is true and Ronaldo’s haircut is a tribute to the 10-year-old who just had brain surgery, then it’s ridiculously awesome and the internet owes the man a huge apology. However, until someone offers some actual evidence, I personally must conclude it was just another douchy haircut.

To be continued…

Hat Tip – [Yahoo UK]


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