Gilbert Arenas Owns a Few Pairs of Sneakers (Video)

gilbert arenas shoes

It would not be at all surprising to learn that Gilbert Arenas is a bit of a sneakerhead. Tons of NBA players are. Sneakers are fetishized in hoops culture and they are rich, so they can afford an excessive amount of shoes.

However, it turns out that calling Arenas a bit of a sneakerhead is a bit of an understatement. The guy actually has one of the most epic sneaker collections you’ll ever see. In fact, he has so many pairs of sneakers that he literally does not know what to do with all of them.

We know this because of a video the former Warrior, Wizard, Magic, and Grizzlies guard posted on Instagram yesterday. It shows the absolutely f#@%ing insane amount of shoes that didn’t even make the cut for his shoe closet.

Take a look:

As the video starts you’re like, “yeah, okay, that’s a lot of shoes.” But then it just keeps going and going, like the final shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the camera just keeps panning out to show the size of the government warehouse.

He must have a full-time archivist to help him get dressed in the morning.


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