Korean Baseball Player Park Seok-Min Evades Tag at Home Plate Like a Boss (Video)

park seok-min avoids tag

Last week Washington Nationals slugger Jayson Werth busted out some fancy footwork to avoid a tag at second base, and we were pretty impressed. However, the clip we have for you today makes Werth’s effort look like child’s play.

It comes to us from the Korean Baseball Organization, and it is a few months old. But it’s new to us, so it will probably be new to you, too.

The star of the highlight is Park Seok-Min, 29-year-old third baseman for the Samsung Lions. He was standing on third base and running on contact when the batter hit a ground ball to the third baseman, who threw home for what should have been a sure out. However, it was not an out because, instead of just running into the tag, Park Seok-Min did this:

That is some of the slickest base running you will ever see, and all from a guy who looks like he eats his fare share of mandu dumplings.

You have to love the reaction of the commentators, too. I have no idea what they’re actually saying, but you know it’s something like, “whaaaa?”

Well done, Park Seok-Min. You are my new baseball hero.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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