Watch Mexico’s Soccer Coach Miguel Herrera Go Mentally Unhinged During Win vs. Croatia (GIF + Video)

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.18.40 PM

Believe it or not, this is an expression of unbridled joy. Even if it looks like Brad Pitt’s face after the twist at the end of Seven. You can’t blame Mexico coach Miguel Herrera for being excited—it’s the World Cup, and he’s Latin. Those people have fire in their blood, gringo.

But, enough commentary and playful stereotyping…let’s allow some GIFs of the man during Mexico’s 3-1 win over Croatia to speak for themselves

After goal #1:

It’s fun to watch him pretend like he’s not gonna go apeshit, when he totally knows that he’s gonna go apeshit. Oh well. He held out as long as he could.

After goal #2:

Ok. That’s not celebrating. That’s just dry humping. But, you must remind yourself of two things: A) World Cup, and B) FIRE IN THE BLOOD.

After goal #3:

He looks downright restrained in that one. I guess when you score the third goal in a soccer match, you’ve pretty much got it in the bag.

(And with that sentence, I pretty much guaranteed that a team will lose 4-3 in extra time on Thursday.)


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